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Paralyzing injections are so last year - when you now can choose
natural looking skin rejuvenation.   

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Technological and scientific advances in skin care now prove that it is possible to repair and replenish damaged skin and prevent the signs of ageing.
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Plazan COSMETICS is a totally unisex range of products
suitable for both genders and all skin types and tones.

Plazan anti-aging skin care products range includes:

Choose your Plazan Facial Skin Care Program according to your age and skin tipe and which our specialist has recommended you for daily skin care.

Plazan skin care it is a professional selection of natural ingredients suitable for all skin types based on a placenta cells exactly those found naturally in our skin cells to promote perfect skin condition and health.

Plazan Cosmetics

Plazan products possess a unique natural structure based on revolutionary scientific research which began in early 1986. The use of placental extracts may sound a little strange but let's look at the facts:

Placental cell substances -

  • Are identical to our own cells
  • Do not create allergic reactions
  • Do not cause dependency
  • Are the most efficient providers of nourishment, hydration and stimulation for skin cell metabolism
  • Have all their active ingredients protected due to non aggressive production techniques
  • Do not contain harmful male hormones such as testosterone and androsterone
  • Contain optimized levels of female hormones which correct imbalances and stimulate cell synthesis and regeneration
  • Undergo a rigorous triple, viral, microbiological and histological check
  • Plazan is the world leader with 20 years experience
  • The Forbs Scientific Magazine awarded the 'Palm of Supremacy' to the founding scientist behind the launch of Plazan for his cell therapy developments

Key advantages of using Plazan products;

  • Suitable for all skin types, tones and genders
  • Quality control, credibility and Plazan's openness are unquestionable
  • No physical, chemical or electromagnetic intervention in the production process, thereby maintaining and guaranteeing the effectiveness of the products active ingredients
  • Plazan continuously outperforms the competition in clinical tests
  • Extremely competitively priced due to a lack of expensive advertising and media hype
  • Plazan products do not cover up/conceal or mask the signs of ageing, they rejuvenate, replenish and renew the skins own natural quality, vibrancy and youthfulness - reversing the signs of ageing
  • We can provide you with a personalised consultation, giving you advice, via email and recommend the best solutions for you - also make to order a personalised prescription if required
  • Plazan products are fully compliant with the requirements of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health

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Celebrity news: J-Lo's Beauty Trick
J-Lo's Plazan Placenta Collagen Mask

Jennifer Lopez
takes 15 hours
and 2 placenta masks a week
to look this good

Pop sensation Jennifer Lopez has revealed the secret to keeping her skin looking younger for longer - placenta facial treatment.

Jennifer Lopez still looks years younger than some of the hopeless contestants who butcher her tunes on the hit talent show. But Jennifer has a secret weapon in her ‘stay young' arsenal... placenta facials.
Read full article Here.

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International Gold Award for the
best therapeutic technology in anti-aging prevention
awarded at Intercharm,
the largest specialized perfumery and cosmetic exhibition in Eastern Europe.

NEWS: Plazan professional cosmeceuticals awarded a title
"The new professional product for facial care"
by VI International Congress for Applied Aesthetics
"The new professional product for facial care"


About Us. Plazan Skin Care Company Information.

Research-and-production enterprise "Plazan" has worked in the market of cosmetics and medicines since 1991 and is a group of highly skilled experts.

Since 1998 "Plazan" is the only company officially recognized as the developer of placental cell preparations by the Ministry of Health for Russia read the article: Historical facts for cell therapy).
In 1989 at The Russian Academy of sciences "Plazan" won a grant for innovative activity for research of biologically active components from placental cell extracts, and in 1991 the placental cell preparations developed by the company where entered into clinical tests by the health authorities.

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